Basic & Simple 100Watt Inverter Kit

Basic & Simple 100Watt Inverter Kit


Inverter is a small circuit which will convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The power of a battery is converted in to’ main voltages’ or AC power. This power can be used for electronic appliances like television, mobile phones, computer etc. the main function of this inverter is to convert DC to AC and step-up transformer12-0-12 5Amp is used to create main voltages from resulting AC.

Block Diagram

In the block diagram battery supply is given to the MOSFET driver where it will convert DC to AC and the resulting AC is given to the step up transformer from the step up transformer we will the get the original voltage.

Main Components:

CD4047: CD4047 is a multi vibrator with very low power consumption designed by TEXAS can operate in monostable multivibrator and also astable multivibrator in the astable multivibrator mode it can operate in free running or gatable modes and also provides good astable frequency stability. It can generate 50% duty cycle which will create a pulse, which can be applied for inverter Circuit. This is mainly used in frequency discriminators, timing circuits frequency divisions etc.

IRFZ44:IRFZ44 is a N-channel enhanced mode silicon gate field effect transistor (MOSFET).they are mainly used in switching regulators, switching converters relay drivers etc. the reason for using them in the INVERTER circuit is the because it is a high switching transistor , can work in very low gate drive power and have high input impedance.

Circuit Diagram




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